About Me

While growing up with a father, an uncle, an older brother, and several other family members and friends practicing law, I learned many things.  The one lesson that I’m reminded of on a daily basis is actually something one of my few non-lawyer family members told me: “The trick to being a good lawyer is not knowing how to argue.  It’s knowing when to stop arguing.”

I’ve spent over 10 years practicing law with some of the best legal minds in the US, from my time as a law clerk at one of the most used bankruptcy courts in the country, Detroit, to my years with one of the largest firms in the world in Chicago.

After all those years, I finally get to live my dream of having my own law firm, Ian Bolton Law, PLLC.  While I specialize in many areas of the law, from litigation to bankruptcy to tax appeals to real estate, my true focus is on building relationships with my clients that will last long after the first matter concludes.

I’ve helped hundreds of my clients, almost all of which are current clients of my firm, obtain desired results in the following areas:

Landlord/Tenant Litigation:  I’ve represented commercial landlords and tenants in a wide array of litigation, from summary proceedings to recover possession of property, to enforcing and defending monetary breaches even through the dreaded bankruptcy filings.

Bankruptcy:  I’ve represented creditors, such as; secured lenders, landlords and trade creditors in complex bankruptcy cases, including objections to plans of reorganization, nondischargeability actions, relief from stay, and defense of preference or fraudulent transfer actions.

General Commercial Litigation:  I’ve represented small and mid-sized businesses to large corporations in multi-faceted litigation matters in state and federal court.

Real Estate:  I’ve represented banks, credit unions, businesses and individuals in simple and complex real estate matters, including judicial foreclosures, quiet title actions, foreclosures of construction liens and receiverships.

Real and Personal Property Tax Appeals:  I’ve assisted individuals and businesses in reducing tax liability through real and personal property tax appeals from the Board of Review to/through the Michigan Tax Tribunal.